Wheat Tours

The Wheat Quality Council would be pleased to have you join us for the 2021 Hard Winter Wheat Tour this year.

Registration for this years tour continue. With the rapid expansion in vaccinations we have a change in protocol to announce. Some vaccinated drivers are willing to take passengers so long as they too have been vaccinated. If you have been holding back registration because of the previous guidance of needing to supply a car, this may be for you. We will take as many riders as we have room for on a first come, first served basis. Please indicate on your email registration if you would prefer to ride.

2021 Hard Winter Wheat Tour Tentative Tour Agenda and Information
2021 Hard Winter Wheat Tour Map

srwse1.jpg (15333 bytes) Wheat Quality Tours actually tour the wheat crops in the fields. These tours give you first-hand experience and understanding of the quality of this year's wheat crop even before it is harvested. Any person who is interested in  attending will gain great insight and network with specialists in the wheat quality field.

For more information, contact us:
Wheat Quality Council, Dave Green
PO Box 19539, Lenexa KS 66285
Office 913-634-0248
E-mail: dave.green.wqc@gmail.com